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Client Testimonials

Don and his team have done an amazing job! They are knowledgeable and always accessible throughout the entire home buying process.

James Stankiewicz- Realtor®
Focusing in the following areas: Luxury Real Estate and Dr. Phillips Real Estate.


This is beyond the fastest mortgage company I have ever worked with! They also did an excellent job.


I really want to thank you for all your work and help of Equity Prime. Especially Theresa and Edgar for making our dream come true…you don’t know how happy I am right now! I love you guy’s!


I can’t believe we are finally home owners and I owe it all to Jennifer at Equity Prime. Our closing day was one of the best days of ours life and Equity made it super easy.


Jennifer answered my call at all hours of the day. I heard from friends and family how stressful buying a house is. Not with Jennifer, she answered every question in detail, she even answered my call at 10:30pm one night! I intended to leave her a message, but she helped me out right them and there at that time. She is truly the sweetest person I have ever met and I have told everyone I know all about her. I now consider her a friend as we still talk often.


I was very impressed with the entire company. The process was seamless, fast and the service was the best I have ever experienced!

Kelvin B.


Dear Mr. Manieri,

This letter is one of gratitude and appreciation for Equity Prime Mortgage and Theresa Rossero in particular. Theresa has been phenomenal in the service that she’s provided while processing our home loan. She is the most experienced, professional and caring loan processor that I could ever hope for. Processing our loan has not been easy as there have been many hurdles to overcome. But instead of giving up on us and just moving on, Theresa remained optimistic and persistent. She would call us many times to update us and answer our numerous questions regarding the process. Theresa was always patient with us and always offered us meaningful advice. And because of her hard work and dedication to our loan, it looks promising that we will close on Aug 30th.

Because of Theresa, I am proud to refer anyone I know who needs a home loan because I know that they will be taken care of as well as we were. She is a true asset to your company. Thank you for such a great experience working with Equity Prime Mortgage.

L. Underwood and E. Ozaeta


Theresa Romero was a lifesaver. Not only was she a plethora of knowledge, she was empathetic and reassuring during the process. She provided positive information which allowed me to make an informed decision on proceeding confidently throughout the process. She was instrumental in helping me keep calm and almost stress free until the end (we all know how stressful closings can be!) She is the greatest! I believe the partnership that Frank and Theresa share is certainly the magic Equity Prime Mortgage has harnessed together that makes their team so successful. Kudos to upper management for that partnership.


Mr. Vargas,

I just wanted to let you know that you all have gone up and beyond on this deal. And I do appreciate all that all have done. Diego Bisbal has been amazing. He is always available, has a good disposition to assist and help. He is very professional in his work. Of all lenders I have worked with, I need to tell you, you all have been the best.

I am looking forward to closing on Monday!

Have a nice weekend,
Linda A Galvins
La Rosa Realty


As a first time home buyer my fiance and I were very nervous about all the details of a purchase this large, as we are not savvy with these types of loans. However, the team in Orlando that helped us, especially Jessica Harris, Nathan Cassidy, and Kristian Ortiz put him at ease.

I don’t think I ever waited longer than a few minutes foe an answer on any of my crazy over analytical questions which just put him and I at ease. Literally available day and night and weekends – I felt like if I needed to call at 3 am (didn’t, but…) that they’d be there to talk to me then too! They were there for us every step of the way practically holding our hand and explained everything we didn’t understand in the language we could relate to. Add their friendly demeanor and positive attitudes to that and words cannot express how grateful we are to them.

We went in so worried and ended up closing in under 30 days!!! If they in anyway represent the rest of the Equity Prime family, then trust me you are in good hands!!!


Thank YOU!!! Jessica you were our Quarterback and you made sure ALL was aligned! I am so glad the signing part is over. Thank you again!

Raphael Mizzell


Thank You!

To everyone that helped in making this disabled Veteran and his family’s dreams a reality, thank you!

The Lausier’s came to our home buyer seminar there at AV Homes and were unfortunately turned down. Mrs. Lausier called me crying thinking their dreams of homeownership were no longer feasible.

Edgar with Equity Prime as well as Tracy and Hilton quickly turned things around for this family. This 1st time buyer closed today because of you all.

Thank you to AV Homes for allowing Premier Home Connection to host such a rewarding event at your model center! As well as Edgar for getting them financed and closed!


Premier Home Connection
Natalka Mcintosh


Dear Mike and Curtis,

I wanted to sincerely thank both of you and your amazing support staff that worked on getting my loan closed. As you both know I myself work in the lending industry, although commercial, I have yet to see any organization work as efficient and deliver in such a timely manner whether commercial or residential. (I must admit I am a bit envious… 😉 )

Please thank all of your amazing staff from me (Soby Lopez, Theresa Rossero, Michelle, Travis,… and anyone else that I missed)


Alex Hakimian


Glad I was able to pay it forward!

Great teamwork by all !!!!! You have a first class organization and it is my honor and pleasure to recommend your company to my clients. A special thanks to Kevin Lucas for introducing me to your company!!! Thumbs up!

Phillip Poppell


To Equity Team
From Our Appraisal Office-Pendo Mgt Group

“You’re so awesome!!! This is why I love you all down there 🙂

Mike truly has the best people in his branch and you are a perfect example of that.

Thanks again,”

Jackie Jursch
Pendo Management Group


“Hi to all:

My family and I are already enjoying our new home. We love it! I want to thank each one of you for all your hard work on getting my mortgage loan approved.





I want to take a moment to thank you all again for making the closing for 510 Cherokee Drive on December 12, 2014 such a smooth process on the lending side. It was really a pleasure working with you all and I sincerely hope to nurture a business relationship with you all in the future.”

Melissa A. Milligan
Closing Specialist & Legal Assistant to Jonathan C. Squires, Esq., Nora H. Miller, Esq. and Robert L. Harding, Esq.


I wanted to take the time to thank you and your company for your HARD work on the Nathan Durazzo new home purchase.

Jon and Don were UNBELIEVABLE!! Their customer service and knowledge of the situation was so professional and I can not thank them enough for their hard work on this file. It was so tricky and I am thankful it was in the hands of true professionals like them. They deserve the greatest praise because they were outstanding. It is because of you all we were able to get this done and Nathan moved into his first home!!

Thank you so much and I look forward to doing business with you all again soon.


Alyssa Brown

“Hi Jennifer,

Thanks very much for your follow up note. We closed on Monday and relief has finally come our way.

Thanks to you for your meticulous efforts. Your attention to details, pro-activeness, patience, professionalism, and compassion were of great attributes to facilitate this unique transaction. I also sincerely do appreciate your timely and accurate communication during this process. If I need a Mortgage Loan processor next time that will ensure that things get done and approved once submitted, you will definitely be my preference.

Take care and if our paths cross again, I know I will be in good hands.”

Mohamed Tejan

“Our closing was flawless. In fact, I was amazed at how seamless and painless it was! Erik and I can’t thank you enough for all you did. It is professionals like you that make a not-so-fun task like refinancing stress free! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Nikki Rittenberry

“Good day,
I really want to thank you all for making my dreams come true. I appreciate the patience you guys had in coming to my aid. One day, you all will see this name again in a positive light. It does not seem too great to you guys at the moment but in a few years, this law thing will pan out for me. Please pass a hardy thanks to your team members who assisted in this process. Again, I am thankful to all but especially to you guys. Also thank the sellers for being patient with me as well.”
Ken Franklin

I am writing to tell you of the fantastic customer service I received from Kelly during my recent refinance with your organization.
I feel that Kelly really looked after my “folder”, from beginning to end. She found a way to allow me to be eligible for a refinance when everyone else in the industry told me NO.
Kelly was ready, willing and able to respond to anything that held back the processing of my account. I could email, text or call at anytime of the day or evening and she would respond within minutes. Everytime!
She handled all of her responsibilities professionally and efficiently.
I can promise you that if it were not for Kelly’s efforts I would have been forced to walk away from this transaction. Without Kelly, it never would have completed.
I hope you can take a moment and recognize Kelly for her efforts on my behalf.

Very Sincerely,
Dave & Rita Polulak

“Thank you Mike Manieri for all your hard work!! Closed on the house of my dreams w/ an amazing deal in under a month! If anyone is thinking of buying let me know. Mike with Equity Prime Mortgage is the best! He got me in a great home w only 3.5% down, 4.25% interest & seller paid closing cost! Woohoo pour the champagne!”

Samantha Ellis

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